Who will be the Sustainability
Professional 2022?

Sustainability Professional 2022

Currently, all submitted dossiers are being examined by the jury. They will determine which candidates go through to the next round.

Yes, you read that correctly. We changed our awards’ titles. Until last year, we elected the CSR Professional of the Year and the CSR Pioneer of the Year. This year, however, we will elect the Sustainability Professional of the Year and the Sustainability Pioneer of the Year. We do this because we believe that these new terms are an even better representation of what the award stands for.

In other, rather big news, the awards will be organised by both Time4Society and VBO FEB, the federation of Belgian entrepreneurs. This results in a meaningful value increase for both companies and organisations.

Pieter Timmermans,


“We will gladly support this event for years to come. It is an important event for the world of business because we need to inspire and support positive and sustainable entrepreneurship.”

Nathalie Bekx,

CEO Time4Society:

“These awards are proof that there is an increasing number of companies and organisations that choose sustainability. Not only that, they also want to learn from one another and cooperate with each other.”

On Thursday the 24th of February 2022, we will host the seventh Sustainability Professional 2022 event.

More information will follow in the coming weeks..

Last year’s CSR Professionals were …

In the Dutch-speaking category:

Philippe Weiler,
Head of Sustainability Lidl Belgium

“Thanks to Philippe Weiler, Lidl Belgium soon became an exceptional example for foreign branches of the Lidl Group. With his no-nonsense approach, he is a trendsetter in sustainable initiatives in the retail world, such as the Way-to-Go chocolate“, said the jury.

Philippe Weiler: I am very happy with this recognition. We and two other organisations stood together in the finals. Each of us bring CSR alive in their own way. But all with the same goal, which is to be a part of that transition.

Philippe Weiler, CSR Professional of the year 2020

In the French-speaking category:

Salvatore Iannello,
CEO La Chocolaterie Galler

Salvatore Iannello embodies sustainability. Not only at Galler, but also towards all stakeholders. Cacao 100% from fair trade is a remarkable achievement: Salvatore is an inspiration for the entire food sector”, said the jury.

Salvatore Iannello: This is an emotional moment. When the project of one man becomes that of a team and then of a whole cooperating company, it is magical. This title is not mine but the whole company’s!

Salvatore Ianello, CSR Professional of the year 2020

Last year’s CSR Pioneers were …

In the Dutch-speaking category:

Sofie Foets,
TADAFounder & Executive Board Member, TADA

The jury found Sofie Foets to be a very inspiring example for sustainable start-ups. With TADA, or ToekomstATELIERdelAVENIR, Sofie Foets managed to reach, educate and motivate a huge number of vulnerable young people in Brussels.

In the French-speaking category:

Julie Foulon,
Founder & President, Girleek

The jury found that Julie Foulon is an extremely inspiring example for every sustainable start-up. Through Girleek, she has reached many women and given them opportunities to develop their digital skills and stay on top of the labour market.

These are the winners of the previous editions:

CSR Professional of the Year 2019
Dutch-speaking category:
Caroline Pauwels, rector Vrije Universiteit Brussel

“Our university teaches our youth the values of social responsibility. The next generations will take good care of our planet – of that I am sure. If we focus on positive things, we can achieve so much together.”

CSR Professional of the Year 2019
French-speaking category:
Nicolas Declercq, founder Brasserie Leopold 7

“I dream that in 50 years’ time, my children will say: my father was a pioneer. Beer is a valued product and people associate it with passion. My passion for beer production goes hand in hand with a great number of values. To me, that’s very important.”

CSR Professional of the Year 2018
Dutch-speaking category:
Ann Claes, Chief Buying Officer, JBC

“I am very happy with this award, which actually belongs to our entire team. We have been working hard on more sustainability over the past few years. One example we are very proud of, is that we are now selling 100% recycled jeans at JBC. This award is a nice recognition for the route we have taken.”

CSR Professional of the Year 2018
French-speaking category:
Pascal Léglise, CSR Director, Carrefour Belgium

“Together with my team, I have been working for more than 10 years on the road to more sustainable entrepreneurship in retail. And today we are reaping the benefits, together with the local producers that we support though Act for Food. This award is a great recognition of our work!”

CSR Professional of the Year 2017
category large enterprise:
Eric de Deckere, Senior Technical Manager Sustainable Transition, Port of Antwerp

“Winning this award is a recognition of the trajectory we have followed so far. In 2010 and 2011 we started reporting on sustainability. This eventually resulted in concrete actions. Right now we are in the midst of a transition. Reporting is still one of our core practices, but now we are doing so much more. This prize is a reward for all our hard work, for the team and for the companies that are involved in the harbour community and are willing to undertake steps with the aim of becoming more sustainable.”

CSR Professional of the Year 2017
category SME:
Philip Van Kelst, founder & CEO, Kasteelhoeve Wange

“This prize is nice reward! Since the foundation of Kasteelhoeve Wange we have been making a lot of CSR efforts in order to become sustainable. It was a fundamental choice, also out of financial considerations. It has been a lonely and frightful way at times, but along the way we have gathered a whole community, which I find very fulfilling. People believe in us, they connect with us. This award is the icing on the cake!”

CSR Professional of the Year 2016
category large enterprise:
Ann Vandenhende, CSR Manager Spadel

“This award is a recognition for the entire Spadel team. My CEO, Marc Du Bois, deserves praise and a ‘thank you’ as well. In the field of CSR he’s at least as passionate as I am. Without his enthusiasm, I wouldn’t have been able to do the work I’m doing today. And I’ll keep on doing my job with loads of enthusiasm!”

CSR Professional of the Year 2016
category SME:
Joost Callens, CEO Durabrik

“I’m blown away a bit. I want to dedicate this award to my team and I want to thank them for their hard work. In the words of Toon Hermans: ‘There have to be people that ignite suns, before the world rains away’. I’m happy that I can make a contribution.”

CSR Professional of the Year 2015:
Michel Croisé, president Sodexo Benelux

“This award is a recognition for the whole team of Sodexo. It is a pleasure to motivate people who are already motivated. But the most important thing is that we all take steps towards a better society.”