Sustainability Professional award

About the award

An evolution from CSR to Sustainability

In today’s corporate world, sustainability has become increasingly common talking-point. This only makes sense since the enterprise of the future must be sustainable if it wants to continue on. After all, sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity if you want to be able to grow in this ever-changing world. In fact, a modern way of entrepreneurship, one with respect for human and planet, is what it is all about.

On top of that, sustainability is not a clearly defined concept. It is a constantly evolving term. It is a way of living, of working, and continuously looking towards the future to help build a better and healthier society and world as efficiently as possible.

Evidently, companies with a sustainability-plan are better able to contribute to the realisation of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals, a.k.a. the SDGs.

That is why from now on, we will elect the Sustainability Professional of the Year!

Who can become the Sustainability Professional 2022?

The Sustainability Professional 2022 plays a strategic and indispensable role within his company or organisation as someone who motivates, inspires or implements sustainability. This person’s job title can range from sustainability manager to CEO, HR manager, marketer, project leader, event manager, etc.

In this seventh edition, two professionals will be awarded:

– The Dutch-speaking Sustainability Professional of the Year 2022
– The French-speaking Sustainability of the Year 2022

Furthermore we’re also looking for the Sustainability Pioneer 2022: a starter in the field of Sustainability who has realized a strong, inspirational project or best practice during the past year. This title will also go to one Dutch-speaking and one French-speaking candidate.

Let us know who put sustainable entrepreneurship in practice in 2021 like no one else did: nominate your favourite(s). By nominating someone you can win 1 of the 10 ‘Travel towards sustainable entrepreneurship’ books and 1 of the 10 tickets for our event night.

Important Dates to keep in mind

18 november 2021

Start of nominations

End of nominations

All nominees submit their dossier.

14 januari 2022
18 januari 2022

Selection by core committee

The core committee of the jury makes a first selection of candidates.

Selection by jury

On the basis of the dossiers, the jury decides which candidates are invited to the jury defence.

19 – 31 januari 2022
31 januari 2022

Pre-selection results

The candidates are notified of the results of the pre-selection.

Presentation in front of the jury

The top 5 of each category presents its dossier in front of the jury. The jury reduces each top 5 to a top 3. The jury’s vote counts for 60% of the total points. The jury also determines who qualifies for the title of Sustainability Pioneer 2022.

3 februari 2022
7 – 23 februari 2022

Online voting round

This voting round runs through Trends/Tendances magazine, among others. Votes are good for 20% of total votes.

Event night

The winners will be announced at the Sustainability Professional event. The total votes of the public present at the event are worth 20% of the final vote.

24 februari 2022

What is Time4Society?

Time4Society provides a link between the profit sector on the one hand and the social profit and non-profit sector on the other hand. It’s Time4Society’s mission to facilitate corporate engagement. This is realized through socially valuable projects, Sustainability-advice, Sustainability-coaching, and by sharing innovation and expertise in the field of Sustainability.

What is VBO FEB?

As the leading voice of the Belgian professional world, it is VBO FEB’s goal to achieve an optimal climate for entrepreneurs in Belgian. We represent more than 50 thousand enterprises in more than 50 sectors. A strong economy leads to sustainable progress that forms the basis for more welfare for everyone. Economic and societal interests are not only complementary but also connected. That is how we create value for everyone.