Let us know who put sustainable entrepreneurship in practice in 2022 like no one else did: nominate your favourite(s). By nominating someone you can win 1 of the 10 ‘Journey towards sustainable entrepreneurship‘ books and 1 of the 10 tickets for our event night.

How does it work?

  1. Nominate someone (or yourself) as Sustainability Professional 2023 or Sustainability Pioneer 2023.
  2. During the nomination period, every candidate will be contacted and requested to fill in a dossier template. All nominees have until 6 Januari 2023 at 12 noon to hand over the completed template to the jury. Nominees are allowed to enrich their dossier with pictures, movies or other content.
  3. First a core comittee of the jury, led by chairman of the jury Fons Leroy and Monica De Jonghe (director-general VBO – FEB), selects the best dossiers for the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking Sustainability Professional 2023.
  4. Afterwards, the jury will invite the 5 best Dutch-speaking candidates and the 5 best French-speaking candidates for Sustainability Professional 2023 to defend their dossier in front of the jury. Furthermore, the jury will decide which candidates will be taken into consideration for becoming the Sustainability Pioneer 2023.
  5. The jury will then reduce each top 5 of the Sustainability Professional 2023 candidates to a top 3. Subsequently, two voting rounds will decide who are the Sustainability Professionals 2023. Then you can vote: from 31 January to 16 February 2023.